The Evolution Trail: A walk through time

The new Museum experience starts at the beginning of time!

This 1,500-foot loop trail covers 4.6 billion years, from the formation of Earth to the present day. Take the trail to the right, and you’ll be going back in time. Take the trail to the left, and you’ll go forward.

Along the way, in addition to enjoying nature and getting some exercise, you can trace the evolution of the planet we call home from the appearance of single cell organisms, to the emergence of complex early life, to the dawn and death of the dinosaurs, and to the present time. Only at the very end—in the last three feet—does the trail reveal the birth of our own species: Homo sapiens.

According to the most widely-accepted scientific theory, our universe began with a BIG BANG 13.8 billion years ago. The Earth formed roughly 9 billion years later, or 4.6 billion years ago, from colliding cosmic debris. At first it was a molten, fiery ball that was constantly bombarded by comets and asteroids. One impact 4.5 billion years ago sent debris into space that became the moon.

Make your own BIG BANG by banging the gong to begin your walk through time!

The Evolution Trail gives travelers some outdoor exercise and also connects to a walking path with a neighboring retirement community, Country House. Combined, the two paths create an opportunity to interact with nature and science.

We are grateful to our partners at Country House and ACTS Retirement Communities for enabling this joint venture for the enjoyment of all along the Brandywine Valley Scenic Byway.