Global Ecosystems Journey Gallery

Visitors will be transported around the world through some of the planet’s most amazing ecosystems.

Our dynamic, ever-changing planet includes many diverse ecosystems. Discover the diversity of nature in the world, the interdependency of life, and how humans play the biggest role in change.

African Savannah: Explore a section of the east African Savannah during the dry season.

Arctic Tundra: This area will feature iconic species with a glimpse of the world below the ice in winter and a view of summer on the tundra.

Southwest Desert: Deserts are a harsh and challenging environment for the species living in them. Adaptations help with these challenges, including behavioral and physiological.

Oceans: Descend from the shallow sunny waters of the Great Barrier Reef to the deep, dark waters around a hydrothermal vent roughly 4000 meters below the surface of the ocean. Along the way, experience the vastness of the pelagic realm, where animals of every size live their entire life cycle without ever touching the bottom of the ocean.

South American Rainforest: The rainforest is extremely biodiverse, with multiple layers of life from the forest canopy down to beneath the soil.