Alison K. Bradford Global Journey Gallery

From the African savanna to the Arctic tundra, diverse life evolves and adapts to a dynamic Earth.

Wet or dry. Hot or cold. Sun or shadow. Environmental forces hold our ecosystems and all living things in balance.

  • Oceans
    Descend from the shallow sunny waters of the Great Barrier Reef to the deep, dark waters roughly 4,000 meters below the surface of the ocean. Along the way, experience the vastness of the ocean, where animals of every size live their entire life cycle without ever touching the ocean floor.
  • Arctic Tundra
    An icy land of extremes: glimpse the world below the ice in winter and a view of summer when the tundra bursts to life.
  • African Savanna
    Animals roam through tall, dry grasses under a hot sun. Neither forest nor desert, savannas have two primary seasons: dry and wet.
  • Tropical Rainforest
    Lush, warm rainforests teem with plant and animal life with multiple layers of life from the forest canopy to down beneath the soil.


Thanks to our generous exhibit sponsors in the Alison K. Bradford Global Journey Gallery:

    • African Savanna – In Memory of Philip B. Weymouth, Jr.
    • Giants of the Savanna – In Memory of Preston Lea Spruance
    • Wildlife in Danger – In Memory of Peter D. Davenport
    • Oceans: Midwater – In Honor of Leila Saavalainen Steele
    • Whale of a Tale – M&T Bank and Wilmington Trust

As plans for the Delaware Museum of Nature & Science continue to evolve, exhibit designs may change. The images seen on this page are an artist’s rendering and are not the final design.