What would the Museum be without everyone’s top favorites: DINOSAURS!?

The new Museum includes a dedicated space for the only permanent dinosaur exhibit in the state of Delaware. The PaleoZone will feature new specimens and technology focusing on paleontology (study of ancient life) and geology (study of the Earth).

The focal point of the PaleoZone will be a dramatic presentation of species that lived right here in the Mid-Atlantic United States during the Cretaceous Period. Skeletons of the fearsome terrestrial Dryptosaurus, the flying “bat lizard” Nyctosaurus, and the aquatic giant Mosasaur will be joined by smaller Cretaceous specimens.

Have you ever wondered what it is like to be a paleontologist? Visitors will learn how scientists think these animals looked, moved, and interacted with their environment. And, they’ll discover models to touch, a tunnel to crawl under the skeletons where they can encounter dinosaur tracks among other surprises, and an interactive dig site to work like a paleontologist in the field.

Discovery drawers in the PaleoZone utilize the Museum’s fossil collection to learn how they are formed, the different types of fossils (imprint, internal, mineralized), and how they are connected to the natural world today. Interactive displays about plate tectonics illustrate key concepts about evolution and the long story of life on Earth.